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People's Most Beautiful List

Breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate made the cover of People magazine's 100 most beautiful people issue on Wednesday in a list that welcomed newcomers U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and "Twilight" heart-throb Robert Pattinson.
Becky Smith, Editor for People Magazine said, “It is such an honor to be named one of the most beautiful people in the world.” 

 Actress Christina Applegate, who underwent a double mastectomy last year, told People in an interview it was hard to look at herself naked.

"You don't look the same anymore and you never will. A part of you is gone. ... It's a decision that you made to save your life.”

Michelle Obama, who has achieved celebrity status and has wowed the world as a fashion icon, made the list for the first time.

"I had a father and a brother who thought I was beautiful, and they made me feel that way every single day," Obama told the magazine. "I grew up with very strong male role models who thought I was smart and fast and funny, so I heard that a lot. I know that there are many young girls who don't hear it. But I was fortunate," she added.

 Twilight Star, Robert Pattison said he didn't quite understand his newly-found heartthrob status. 

 "I don't get it. It's funny, you look the same for years and no one ever mentions it. Then suddenly it's a big deal," he told People.

The 100 list also included old favorites George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Halle Berry. Some of the celebrities, including actress Eva Mendes and supermodel Cindy Crawford appeared in a "Stars Without Makeup" section in which they were photographed wearing no make-up for their close-ups.